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My Wonderful Self by Baymax2002
Jaime by Baymax2002
Cat vs. Creepypasta by Baymax2002
I would really appreciate your help! I wanted to try and earn some points :)

If you want extra characters, that'll be 20 points extra per character.

Thanks, Patients :D

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United States
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So, my favorite character is Lucio (I'm talking about Overwatch btw). I have also developed a sad backstory for him and it is relevant to WHY he's a hero/freedomfighter. *ahem*:

Lucio was orphaned when he was a baby and left in a box on the streets for dead. A woman named Zahari finds the box and sees Lucio, instantly making her fall in love with the little boy. She raises him in her home for years. Lucio's early years were the roughest, especially when school started. Lucio couldn't really find any friends except for a boy named Julio who was also a fan of music. Both of them were made fun of because they thought that music could help bring the world together. 

A couple years later, Lucio finds out that Julio was killed by a gang in the city. Zahari tries to help him as best as she can while he grieves. Lucio starts to doubt his abilities to help the world and Zahari tells him how he can do anything he wants if he put his mind to it. Lucio starts saving up and playing some tiny street performances to get more money. His mom always helped him and even set aside some money for him to use to get some equipment. When the Omnic Crisis hit Rio de Janeiro, it was a little tougher to save up money. Gangs would try and rob houses and that led to the worst thing for Lucio: His mother's death. Zahari was at home when a gang broke into the home and shot her, killing her. Lucio wasn't home at the time and by the time he was home, it was already too late. He vowed from that day on that he would do everything in his power to get justice for his community and one day became one of the most popular freedom fighters and worldwide known DJ's.


I know... it's not that good :/ Then again, this is just a rough draft.

What do you all think? Lucio for Signatures 


DJ dad wip by Baymax2002
DJ dad wip
I may or may not line and color this later...

I'm sorry for the Lucio-ness, but I couldn't help it. I love Lucio and I love Melody and I love Sarabi and I... I'm fandom trash Enough to Make a Grown Man Cry 

Lucio (c) Blizzard

Melody and Sarabi (c) Me
Cuddly Cousins  by Baymax2002
Cuddly Cousins
These are the moments I live for when I'm down in the dumps.

Love ya, Leo!
Aven (SU OC) by Baymax2002
Aven (SU OC)
This is a fusion of Steven Universe and my human OC Aoibheann, also known as Annie. Poured my blood, sweat, and soul into this.

Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar

Aoibheann (c) me
Lucio's Family (UPDATED DESCRIPTION) by Baymax2002
This is for a fanfic I'm making about Lucio.

Sarabi: Lucio and Sarabi both grew up in the favelas of Rio and would often visit each other and hang out. She was one of the only people that believed that he could change the world with music and he started to fall in love with her. After the Vishkar incident, Lucio asked Sarabi to start dating him. They both loved each other a lot and they knew it (of course, they did have opposing musical opinions). They had Melody before they were married and after Melody turned 3, Lucio asked Sarabi to marry him. Sarabi also helped him develop his debut album, Synaethesia Auditiva.

Melody: Melody is Lucio's little pride and joy. She loves listening about stories of her father, but she doesn't really see him too much since he's always out saving the world. When he is home, he always makes sure to tell his daughter stories and play some music once and a while for her. Melody plays ukulele or a "mini guitar" as she calls it. She'll play songs with her dad when he's playing his acoustic guitar. Sarabi always tells her that if she's scared, to think of her daddy fighting off all of the scary monsters trying to get her.

Zahari (not shown in picture): Zahari found Lucio in a box when he was only a baby. She took him in her home and raised him as her own, not having a husband around to help. Lucio started listening to music and Zahari always told him that he could do anything he wanted. Of course, Lucio would try and convince other kids his age that he could do so and that they could to. Only two kids believed him: Sarabi and Julio (also not pictured). One day, Zahari was shot in the lower spine area and was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late.

Lucio (c) Blizzard

Sarabi, Melody, Zahari, and Julio (c) :iconbaymax2002:
New Style by Baymax2002
New Style
So, I am developing a new style (I'll keep my old style, but I'll use that as a 'chibi' style)

This is for the new comic series I'm making with my friends. I'm going to call it "Between Friends" and it involves :iconlonelynote:, :iconsomeother2002girl:, :iconbaymax2002:, and our friend Michael who doesn't have a DA account .-. It's going to be about random stuff and every once and a while I might add someone from DA into it

Tell me what you think about it!

(Also, still working on the arms... god they're so hard to draw!!!!

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